A Balanced Spine

Our backbone is made up of 24 vertebras that sit on a tailbone called the Sacrum.  Between the vertebrae are 23 discs which act as spacers and shock absorbers. These discs have soft, gel-like centers surrounded by layers of fibrous tissues.  From these spinal discs and the Sacrum exit 31 pairs of nerves which exit through tiny holes called foramina. Each of these nerves brings life to the tissue and organs they feed.  It is imperative that no pressure or interference is placed on these nerves. Thus, we need to maintain a balanced spine at all times which is quite hard to do when you consider we do things every day that compromise the integrity of our spine.

Our spines are supported by soft tissue such as: ligaments, tendons, and muscles, the stuff that holds things together.  Each day of our lives, we weaken the soft tissue structure when we do things such as: lift incorrectly, slip and falls, stand for long periods of time on hard floors, have auto accidents, and sit for long periods of time in stressful traffic or at work.  These are just a few of the daily events that weaken our spinal structures.  Once the vertebral unit weakens it slips millimeters, just enough in some cases to cause nerve interference.  When you deprive the body tissue of its nerve supply it weakens and in some cases starts to die.  An example of this is when you have a root canal done and the nerve is removed completely from the tooth.  Eventually, the tooth will die because it was deprived of its life force.  The Chiropractic profession is made up of Doctors who find these areas of subluxation, (loss of nerve supply) and align the vertebra back to its proper position.  When nerve supply is re-established, the body functions at it’s normal energy level and healing takes place. So keep your spine in line and you’ll all feel fine.

Dr. Joel Desaulniers

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