balanced spine 1280x800Our backbone is made up of 24 vertebras that sit on a tailbone called the Sacrum.  Between the vertebrae are 23 discs which act as spacers and shock absorbers. These discs have soft, gel-like centers surrounded by layers of fibrous tissues.  From these spinal discs and the Sacrum exit 31 pairs of nerves which exit through small holes called foramina. Each of these nerves brings life to the tissue and organs they feed.  It is imperative that no pressure or interference is placed on these nerves. Thus, we need to maintain a balanced spine at all times which is quite hard to do when you consider we do things every day that compromise the integrity of our spine.

A New Non-surgical Treatment Plan for Lower Back Pain 

I have been practicing for over 30 years and have helped relieve lower back pain for numerous patients, but only in the last few years have my percentages, especially in tougher cases, improved due to the use of Decompression Therapy.  This new technology is one of the hottest new therapeutic devices for compression and disc syndromes.

Decompression Therapy is an effective treatment for herniated discs, degenerative discs, facet syndrome, sciatica (leg pain) and pre and post surgical patients.  Research indicates that the disc is responsible for a significant number of lower back pain cases as well as sciatic, neck and arm pain.  Compression of the disc increases the pressure inside of it, leading to weakening of the outer disc fibers and possible herniation of the disc’s nuclear material.  The disc is mostly made up of water and since it does not have its own blood supply, it relies on movement of the neck and back to move the fluid that brings the disc nutrients needed to maintain health and integrity.


One of the Five Facets of Health

Zig Ziglar, a well known motivational speaker during the seventies and eighties stated that, “The average American’s idea of exercise is to sit in a hot tub of water when they get home, pull the plug and fight the current.” Unfortunately, he’s close to the truth for a lot of Americans.  All societies need regular weekly exercise but our society needs it more than ever with all of the physical restraints of our modern culture.  Medical science suggests three to four, thirty minute cardiovascular workouts per week which can consist of; running, walking, biking or swimming.  In addition, structural functional training is becoming a very popular buzz word in helping Americans get in shape.  Functional Training strengthens major muscle groups in the legs, back and shoulders, which when done correctly, can improve most anyone’s health.

stress 853x1280

In managing stress, what approach do you tend to use, “hardball,” “eggshell” or “tennis ball?”

Hardball individuals hold all their stress inward, similar to a pressure cooker. They don’t know how to say, “No” and they are always volunteering for new projects and working overtime. They seem to enjoy anxiety and chaos. Unfortunately, they are usually candidates for high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke or ulcers. They are too busy for stress management and seldom consider its benefits.

Eggshell individuals are always complaining about something. They are very fragile and have a zero tolerance for stress. When you say, “Have a good day,” they say, “What’s so good about it?” They have heard of stress management, but believe it only works for other people.

Tennis ball individual’s approach is by far the best. They seem to be able to rebound from any stressful event no matter the magnitude or frequency. They seem to be in control of their world while enjoying a balanced life. They have mastered several stress management techniques and practice them daily.

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