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When you think about tomorrow, how positive is your view? Do you see a happy day at work, coming home to a loving family, enjoying a great meal, afterwards having a discussion with your children, maybe watching a little T.V., or reading a good book, then kissing your wife and kids goodnight. Or do you view tomorrow as “late to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise?” Too many of us see tomorrow as the latter. I don’t know about you, but I want my life back. In this fast paced world, filled with daily disappointments and setbacks, where do we begin to regain control? I believe that first we must clear our heads of the mental fog that society has bestowed upon us, by clarifying our visions of what we want instead of accepting what society dictates to us. I’m not suggesting that you take a motivational seminar or read a self-help book, or listen to a cassette tape of your favorite singer, but that would be a good start.


Nutrition is one of the five facets of good health and an extremely important one as many health problems arise from poor nutrition.  In my case you could say: I used to be a Whopper with fries but now I’m a Zucchini.  I chose to change my eating habits because; “you are what you eat.”

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One of the  Five Facets of Health 

Most of us would agree that a positive attitude is better than a negative one.  The late great Zig Ziglar, a well known motivational speaker of our time, tells the story of his son coming home and telling him; ”Dad, I flunked my arithmetic test today.”  Zig said, “Son, I told you to be positive about things.”  His son then replied, “Okay dad, I’m positive I flunked that arithmetic test.” 

Good thoughts produce good results.  In the words of researchers, we can only think of one thing at a time, so try to accentuate the positive in every thought process you have.  Even the good news book; the Bible, tells us in Proverbs 23, “As we thinketh in our hearts so are we.”  If we can learn to control our attitude, in my opinion, our lives would be much happier and so would those people around us.  Everybody usually has a different perspective about the events around them and a different response.  We need to stop and think of how the other person may be viewing the same situation before we impulsively react.  I am reminded of a humorous story about a different perspective: 


One of the Five Facets of Health

Correct posture reduces stress on body joints, the spine and the nervous system which are three good reasons to maintain good posture.  Stress on our spinal posture occurs when we reduce or reverse the normal arches in our spinal columns which occur frequently during most peoples daily routines.

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