sleep271x257One of the Five Facets of Health 

Over the years, new patients have told me that they don’t sleep as sound as they used to.  The first
thing I ask them is, how old is your mattress?  One lady said that she had a great mattress that her grandmother willed to her.  In my opinion, if your mattress is over 8 years old it’s time for a new one.  I recommend a good medium, firm, name brand mattress that has been approved by the Chiropractic Association or the Orthopedic Association.  I further tell my patients that water beds are out of style but I am amazed at how many still use them.  I remember when my wife and I were expecting our first child.  She was eight months pregnant and couldn’t get out of our water bed one morning.  If you have a water bed, make sure it’s built higher than the original ones and that its wave-less.

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Dr. Desaulniers is experienced in sports rehabilitation procedures for athletes of all ages and various sports.  He uses a combination of Chiropractic techniques and exercises to successfully treat common sports injuries.  Dr. Desaulniers’ treatments help athletes to recover quickly, improve performance and reduce the risk for re-injury in their sport.

StepsForLessStress 1231x1280 Three basic relaxation techniques you can learn to employ at a moment’s notice are: abdominal breathing, progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), and visualization. The beauty of these exercises is that you can take them with you and use them anywhere at anytime to cope with daily stress. It is best to become proficient first with abdominal breathing and PMR before practicing visualization.

Over the past 30 years, I have given much advice to my patients on how toenjoy their travel time and not worry about aggravating their neck or lower back when they are supposed to be having fun or on a business trip. I hope that you will find this information useful the next time that you travel by car, plane or any other mode of transportation. Feel free to share with friends and family.


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