Zig Ziglar, a well-known motivational speaker during the seventies and eighties stated that, “The average American’s idea of exercise is to sit in a hot tub of water when they get home, pull the plug and fight the current.” Unfortunately, he’s close to the truth for a lot of Americans.  All societies need regular weekly exercise but our society needs it more than ever with all of the physical restraints of our modern culture.  Medical science suggests three to four, thirty-minute cardiovascular workouts per week which can consist of; running, walking, biking or swimming.  In addition, structural functional training is becoming a very popular buzzword in helping Americans get in shape.  Functional Training strengthens major muscle groups in the legs, back and shoulders, which when done correctly, can improve most anyone’s health.

Personal Training is also on the rise and for the non-experienced person, it’s a must.  The use of a Personal Trainer gets most people results much faster than if they attempted to do it themselves.  It’s literally like having your own coach or Tour Guide, for instance; if you only have ten days in Europe, a Tour Guide can help you see and do more than if you tried it on your own.

It’s important that we realize working hard to stay in shape can save lives.  It is unfortunate that a large percentage of our society suffers from Type II Diabetes and it is sad to find that even our children are not immune to the disease.  Cardio and structural functional training are a must for lowering blood sugar levels in everyone.  I recommend that anyone interested in living longer and experiencing a happier life get involved in exercising on a regular basis, either at home or by joining a local gym.  Good luck and keep your motors running.

Dr. Joel Desaulniers

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