Positive Mental Attitude

One of the  Five Facets of Health 

Most of us would agree that a positive attitude is better than a negative one.  The late great Zig Ziglar, a well known motivational speaker of our time, tells the story of his son coming home and telling him; ”Dad, I flunked my arithmetic test today.”  Zig said, “Son, I told you to be positive about things.”  His son then replied, “Okay dad, I’m positive I flunked that arithmetic test.” 

Good thoughts produce good results.  In the words of researchers, we can only think of one thing at a time, so try to accentuate the positive in every thought process you have.  Even the good news book; the Bible, tells us in Proverbs 23, “As we thinketh in our hearts so are we.”  If we can learn to control our attitude, in my opinion, our lives would be much happier and so would those people around us.  Everybody usually has a different perspective about the events around them and a different response.  We need to stop and think of how the other person may be viewing the same situation before we impulsively react.  I am reminded of a humorous story about a different perspective: 

Years ago, a blind man was walking downtown with his seeing eye dog when suddenly the dog stopped his master at the curb of a busy intersection, raised one leg and wet on his masters trousers.  The blind man immediately reached into his pocket and pulled out a treat for the dog.  An innocent bystander said, “Sir, it’s none of my business but your dog just wet on your pants and you’re going to give him a treat?”  The old man said, “Son, what you think you are seeing here isn’t really happening. You see, I’m just trying to find out where the dogs head is so I can kick him in the behind.” 

A different perspective, we all have them.  When you wake up in the morning, you have 50,000 brain cells that you orchestrate each and every day.  It’s your choice, good thoughts or bad thoughts.  Medical science has proven that a positive attitude can help you get well when you’re sick and a negative attitude can make you sick.  No one gets well unless they

want to!  Our creator has made us with a built in pharmacy and all we have to do is call on it as we need to.  As a Chiropractor, I believe spinal manipulation is also something everyone needs to stay healthy and  maintain a positive attitude.  Chiropractic helps to maintain the alignment of the spinal column which when in proper balance, allows the nerves to carry on their important life giving functions. So get an adjustment from your Chiropractor today and maintain a positive attitude!

 Dr. Joel Desaulniers

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